The award ceremony in Bulgaria


On July 11, 2022, the Rector of the Ruse University “Angel Kanchev” Academician. Hristo Beloev presented two silver medals to Penka Petkova and Pavlina Ivanova from Slivo Pole Municipality, who fulfilled the requirements of the Volunteer Award Program organized by the university under a project to encourage volunteering in p links of the European Union’s Erasmus + international program ( ). In addition to the University of Ruse, partners from Lithuania, Slovenia, Netherlands and Latvia are also involved in the project.

Academician. Beloev noted that the University, Municipality and the Union of Pensioners to the Municipality have been working for many years on various projects to motivate elderly people for volunteering, which is valuable to the Danube region because volunteers p pass on their experience and traditions of other generations. “We strive to prepare students at Ruse University for work in 20 professional fields and for a decent life,” the academic said. Beloev.

Mr. Valentin Atanasov, Mayor of Slivo Pole Municipality, congratulated the silver medal winners for their successful volunteering. He noted that the Municipality is representing itself very successfully in the European Union through the international activity of the Union of Pensioners, which is led by its Chairman, Mrs. Veska Uzunova, and coordinated with many international organizations from the Associate Professor. Dr. Emilia Velikova from the University of Ruse.

Mr. Atanasov emphasized that the virtues of elderly people, their desire to help, to share experience shows that it is never too late for a person to start something new and positive in their meaningful life. “In this commercial world, more than 100 people, senior citizens, came together and helped the Municipality plant trees in the swamps.” That is why the Municipality will always support the activities of pensioners who have preserved and possess many of the moral values and virtues that are being lost today. ” – Mr. Atanasov said.

Mrs. Penka Petkova and Mrs. Pavlina Ivanova participated in the program by choosing 2 types of compulsory activities:

1) Organizing or participating in a volunteer activity. They, for example, have organized bakery exhibitions to share experience with pensioners and to pass on our cultural heritage to other generations; supply food to Covid patients and others;

2) Personal development – training, new hobby, etc. For example, they have participated with songs and theater performances in sessions of the International Conference on Cultural and Social Inclusion, training in using Zoom for online meetings.

Other, but not mandatory areas of the program are:

3) Sports;

4) Educational tourism ).

The program continues.

The medal presentation was held at the European Center for Doctoral Education at the University of Ruse, equipped with exceptionally new and high-quality equipment. Guests were greeted by the hosts of the hall and their robot, which contributed to the good mood, greeting the pensioners with the favorite song “White Rose”.

Participants in the project wished to win gold medals in the future and many new types of project trainings in the modern university hall, which impressed them very much. And the university representatives admired the enthusiasm of the elderly for studying the use of new media, participating in online meetings, meeting new partners.