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The aim of the resource library is to help older people (future volunteers) discover the benefits of social service, explore the possibilities to engage in volunteering activities, find volunteer host organizations, learn about volunteer training programs, legal acts and get inspired by success stories of other volunteers. It will also aid adult educators to engage, motivate and guide older people in their future journey of rewarding volunteering experiences.

🇱🇹 Lithuania
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Legal acts Republic of Lithuania law on volunteering , 22 June 2011 – No XI-1500Vilnius The purpose, definitions, peculiarities, principles, requirements for a volunteers, rights and duties of a volunteer, types of organizations, organization of voluntary activities, insurance for a volunteer and reimbursement of expenses, recognition of volunteering are introduced in this Law.
Study Effects of Volunteering on the Well-Being of Older Adults The  research pointed out the benefit of volunteering as  important factor  for successful aging. This study tests the effects of volunteering on the well-being of older adults, including the effect of level of engagement, the moderating effects of demographic and social factors, and the effects of the nature of the volunteer experience.
Research studySenior Adults’ Participation in VolunteeringVDU, 2013Genute Gedviliene, Salomeja Karaseviciute The study consists of theoretical assumptions about volunteering and accomplished various empirical studies from 2 countries: Greece and Lithuania. The authors tried to reveal the importance of volunteering in ageing society as one of the ways of being involved in society’s life, taking part in solving various problems like poverty, unemployment, community’s safety, organizing purposeful leisure time, health, environment protection, nurture problems and others. 
Volunteer host organizations Volunteers program in Europe There is a long list with descriptions about different opportunities to volunteer in different European countries.
Inspirational material:A review  Benefits of formal voluntary work among older people This review focuses on formal volunteering. The aim of this review is to conduct a systematized literature research on quantitative data to examine the association of formal voluntary work and personal well-being among older peopled oing the voluntary work and those being served.
Inspirational material:Success storyHow To Volunteer As A Senior? May, 2021 
Rhe article reveals the importance of volunteering and provides answers to questions: how to get involved volunteering as an elderly persons, why elderly people should volunteer.
Inspirational material:Video storyThanks to volunteers, Elderly Can Age in Place Inspirational video
Inspirational material Video storyA story about a Volunteer and his elderly friends Inspirational video
🇱🇻 Latvia
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Legal acts Brīvprātīgā darba likums.Law about Voluntary Work. –  Law  about Voluntary work , Latvia Published  Latvijas Vēstnesis, 127, 02.07.2015.
GuidelinesBrīvprātīgā darba organizēšana pašvaldībā. to organize volunteer work in local community
Information general Volunteering. in specially protected areas in Latvia
Information generalVolunteer abroad in Latvia to volunteer in Latvia from abroad
GuidelinesGuidelines ”Senior volunteering – Involving and activating seniors in local community” English, Estonian, Latvian and Finnish  
PublikācijaVolunteer programme National Museum of Art’s volunteer programme
Web pageGrannies.lv project experiences
Volunteer host organizations Volunteers program in Europe is a long list with descriptions about different opportunities to volunteer in different European countries.
BookFrom the top downSusan J. Ellis, 1996ISBN 0-940576-17-1The executive role in volunteer program success.
🇸🇮 Slovenia
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Scientific ArticleVOLUNTEERING AS RECIPROCITY: BENEFICIAL AND HARMFUL EFFECTS OF SOCIAL POLICIES TO ENCOURAGE CONTRIBUTION IN OLDER AGE policy applications of ‘active ageing’ ideals have recently focussed on volunteering as a beneficial and valuable contribution that older people can make to their communities.
Scientific ArticleFACTORS AFFECTING VOLUNTEERISM AMONG OLDER ADULTS study examines whether employment status has an effect on a person’s decision to volunteer and the number of hours volunteered.  
Scientific Article                VOLUNTEERING AND HEALTH AMONG OLDER PEOPLE: A REVIEW  This paper presents a review of the available literature on the relationship between volunteering and health among older people. There is consistent evidence that morbidity rates, functional health indices, self reported health and life satisfaction are affected by formal and informal volunteering.
Scientific Article  VOLUNTEER DECISION MAKING BY OLDER PEOPLE: A TEST OF A REVISED THEORY OF PLANNED BEHAVIOR                The article reports the findings from a study that investigated volunteer intentions and behavior in a random sample of older people aged 65 to 74 years living in an Australian capital city.
Scientific ArticleA REASON TO RISE EACH MORNING: THE MEANING OF VOLUNTEERING IN THE LIVES OF OLDER ADULTS by older adults is fascinating both for the value it brings to individual lives and for the benefits that accrue to society. While not every older adult chooses this non-compensatory activity, for those that do, it provides a way to give meaning to their lives.
Scientific Article‘PAYBACK TIME’: COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERING AMONG OLDER ADULTS AS A TRANSFORMATIVE MECHANISM qualitative study explores the conditions and experiences of older adults’ ‘formal’ volunteering through non-profit organisations (NPOs) in Toronto from both organisational and individual perspectives. In spite of the ageing population and the need for NPOs to expand their services, the participation of Canadian seniors in community volunteering has been stagnant for 15 years. What organisational and structural supports might encourage the expansion of volunteering among this group?
Scientific ArticleTO VOLUNTEER OR NOT: THE INFLUENCE OF INDIVIDUAL CHARACTERISTICS, RESOURCES, AND SOCIAL FACTORS ON THE LIKELIHOOD OF VOLUNTEERING BY OLDER ADULTS study examines a hybrid theory containing individual characteristics, resources, and social factors and volunteering of older adults living in Belgium. As scholars have pointed out the under researched importance of taking the recruitment potential of older adults into account, this study investigates whether potential volunteers, actual volunteers, and non-volunteers in later life are different from each other in terms of individual characteristics, resources and social factors.
An InterviewJULIE BENTLEY: ‘SAMARITANS’ SERVICES HAVE BEEN CRUCIAL DURING THE PANDEMIC’ charity’s new chief executive on the impact of Covid on mental health and why it’s important not to wait until someone becomes suicidal.
Newspaper ArticleOLDER PEOPLE ARE AN ASSET, NOT A DRAIN about our ageing society is conducted typically in terms of the problems and costs of supporting growing numbers of older people. But a study published today turns that premise on its head. Far from being a burden on the economy, it says, older people are in fact net contributors.
E-bookThe Palgrave Handbook of Volunteering, Civic Participation, and Nonprofit AssociationsDavid Horton Smith et al. The Palgrave Handbook of Volunteering, Civic Participation, and Nonprofit Associations. ISBN: 978-1-137-26317-9 of Associations and Volunteering
🇧🇬 Bulgaria
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Legal actsNational Comprehensive Strategy for Active Ageing in Bulgaria (2016 – 2030) Analysis presents the specific national challenges to and opportunities for promoting active ageing in different social life domains including volunteering. 
Legal actsBulgarian national report on the third review and appraisal of the implementation of the Madrid international plan of action on ageing and its regional implementation strategy (MIPAA/RIS), 2012 – 2017 Part I Executive summary General information 1. National ageing situation 2. Method Part II 1. National actions and progress in the implementation of MIPAA/RIS 2. Conclusions and priorities for the future
Research, studiesConsolidated Research Report of the Situation with Volunteering in the Bulgarian-Serbian Border Areas, Comparative Analysis Definitions, legal documents and research on youth volunteering in the Bulgarian-Serbian border areas.
Research, studiesStudy on Volunteering in the European Union. Country Report Bulgaria General Information about Volunteering in Bulgaria. Institutional Framework. Regulatory Framework. Economic Dimension of Volunteering. Social and Cultural Dimension of Volunteering. Volunteering in the Context of Education and Training. Challenges and Opportunities for Volunteering.
Research, studiesPrepAGE Project: Enhancing disaster management and preparedness for the older population in the EU The PrepAGE project identified the needs, structures and measures to prepare and reach older people in emergencies and disasters. 
Research ReportResearch Report. Impact of transnational exchange experiences on senior volunteers and organisations 
BookPromotion of the Active Life of the Elderly in Bulgaria. Collection of good practices. Presenting some of the best practices in promoting the active life of the elderly in Bulgaria.
BookVolunteering in the European Union Final Report on the Study on Volunteering in the European Union. Report of the Educational, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency; Directorate General Education and Culture of the European Commission
HandbookFacilitate Access to Education and the Labour Market Through Guidance for Persons from Training. Handbook FairGuidance Modul 8:  Disadvantaged Target Groups Guidance on Volunteering and Practical Training for Disadvantaged Groups
A Plan of ActionA Plan of Action. Synthesis Report on Integrating Volunteering Into the 2030 Agenda in the United Nations. Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Region trends in volunteering in the UNECE region
Volunteer host organizationsTimeHeroes is the bridge between the two groups: many people who want to donate their time and skills but don’t know where and how; hundreds of organizations that need support for their causes. TimeHeroes is a volunteering organization that publishes information about all current volunteering initiatives in the country.
Volunteer host organizationsBulgarian Red Cross – Ruse It is a volunteer organization with a wide range of activities. There are more than 20 companies such as the Resource Center for Elderly Support”With care and love for the elderly”. 
Volunteer host organizationsBulgarian Red Cross The moral code of the Red Cross Movement are Voluntary Service, Humanity, Unity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Universality
Volunteer host organizationsNational Alliance for Volunteer Action (NAVA) mission of NAVA is to revive the tradition of volunteerism in Bulgaria and to improve the public’s perception of volunteerism through organizing various initiatives, which include a large number of people from society, and promoting the values of volunteerism.
Volunteer host organizationstulipfoundation To encourage social responsibility in Bulgarian society
Inspirational material: motivating volunteers Support us Donate Funds, Time, Property, Services, Goods & Materials, etc.
Inspirational material: presentationNational Strategy for Active Ageing in Bulgaria (2019 – 2030) The working group on ageing, UNECE, presentation  
Inspirational material: motivating volunteers Together against COVID-19 In support of the efforts for coping with the epidemic situation in the country
Inspirational material: motivating volunteers European Project: EU – PrepAGE Enhancing disaster management and preparedness for the older population in the EU. 
Inspirational material: motivating volunteers Do more good. Many volunteering causes of the TimeHerous organization 
Inspirational material: DESTEVA project Showcasing Volunteering Skills aim of this project is the visualisation, documentation and recognition of formally, non-formally and informally acquired competences in the field of volunteering. Based on that, the development of an online tool for validation of volunteering competences is made. 
🇳🇱 The Netherlands
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Legal information is provided byNetherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO collaborates with several Dutch governmental and semi-governmental organisations to provide information about laws, rules and regulations, subsidies and more. 
Research, studiesMovisie is thé national knowledge institute is thé national knowledge institute offering a comprehensive approach of social issues. Together with people in practice we develop and implement knowledge of what really works well. Movisie’s unique contribution is in accelerating learning processes. We are not satisfied until we effectuate sustainable positive change in the lives of people in vulnerable situations.
Research, studiesVideo to you: Active aging in the Netherlands 
Research, studiesProfessor Joost van Hoof video cities in the Netherlands 
Research, studiesArticle and Wellbeing Among Ageing Adults: A Longitudinal Analysis 
BooksArticle Volunteers in the Netherlands: New Challenges to an Old Tradition 
BooksBook ageing: Voluntary work by older people in Europe 
Volunteer host organizationsVolunteeringin The Netherlands impactful, fun and social volunteer work based on your interests and causes you care about!
Volunteer host organizationsVolunteeringin The Netherlands The Netherlands support services 
Volunteer host organizationsVolunteeringin The Netherlands, Den Haag non-profit initiative founded by the Municipality of The Hague and PEP, Volunteer the Hague connects internationals with meaningful volunteer opportunities at local non-profit organizations. By empowering internationals to contribute their skills, we strengthen capacity at local non-profit organizations to create a lasting change in the community. Our platform combined with our team of volunteers offer a variety of support services that internationals and organizations can utilize.