Slovenian Third Age University

Since 1984, when it was established through voluntary endeavours of a group
of adult education experts and university teachers of andragogy, Slovenian
Third Age University has steadily grown to become a national network of 51
universities in 44 localities with about 21 000 students, more than 1000
mentors and volunteers. Its practice has been extensively researched; as a
result, today the University follows its own generalisations and is based on its
own model.


  • to achieve better understanding of older people’s needs and to better
  • their life through culture and education
  • to facilitate integration of older people in society through their personal
  • growth, paid or voluntary work,
  • to support active ageing in all its forms,
  • to enable different generations to collaborate, study and work together,
  • to conduct public campaigning in the field of older people’s issues and
  • education,
  • to support older workers to stay on the labour market and /or to get
  • back there,culture/ education of older adults and to disseminate the
  • findings,
  • to educate teachers, mentors and facilitators in the field,
  • to provide education for professionals dealing with people in later life,
  • to develop new innovative educational/cultural programmes for
  • different groups of people in later life,
  • to provide integrated counselling and guidance for active ageing
  • (educational, psychological, legal, and guidance in the field of labour
  • market),
  • to ensure networking of civil and public organisations active in the field
  • of education in later life.

Target groups: retired people, older workers, workers in the pre-retirement

Supporting activities: research, publication, resource centre, education of
younger university students, education of mentors, education of employers
and social partners, integrated counselling and guidance for active ageing
national and international projects.