Stepas Galkinas – Lithuania 🇱🇹

My well of volunteering

My name is Stepas Galkinas. I am 67. I live in Ringaudai (Kaunas district). I have been a curious and active person all my life, so I stay active within my community as much as I can. I am retired and have enough time to volunteer. The well of volunteering is inexhaustible: my inner instinct constantly encourages me to do good deeds for others and my community. I have never taken  a volunteering course, but I heard about the Senior Awards Programme at the University of the Third Age and got interested. I joined the Senior Awards Programme and did  all volunteer work organized by Ringaudai community center: repairing the well near the Community house, decorating the community environment during Christmas, helping to place a cross. Participation in the Senior Awards Programme and being engaged in volunteer activities have helped me to improve my social skills, I have built a closer relationship with my neighbours, I have mastered the mosaic making technique, I have also expanded my historical knowledge. I haven‘t learned anything new about myself though, but, I guess, others did learn some things about me. On the other hand, I have realized that I can use my free time constructively and bring joy to others. I have never placed emphasis on volunteering, because volunteering is part of my life. Being active makes me feel good.      

I am going to continue my volunteer work and will encourage others to start volunteering and join the Senior Awards Programme.