Lučka Trontelj – Slovenia 🇸🇮

Don‘t hesitate. Jjust join this award program and don‘t be afraid you that will not be able to do it. You will get instructions, in which field you will be able to work. It is really a good thing. 

I am Lučka Trontelj, living in Ljublijana. I am now retired for many years, I have been just recently 74 years old. When you are retired, you have more free time, you want to have your time scheduled to do good things.

It was hard for me to decide how, where and to whom to volunteer. I have been thinking for many years how to start. I have recently come across the Senior Award Program. It was very interesting for me, because it combines many activities: volunteering, education and sport activities 

You can get all the information: where, how, with whom to start volunteering. As a volunteer I have been involved in sport activities. Near our house we have a sports group. It was outdoor activity and I worke with people who have head injury because of different accidents: car accients, etc. I am also a student of Third Age University for many years. I have taken part in quite a lot of educational programs. I stdudied geography online, then I took computer courses. I am just now online with my Engish group. I am a member of the barber course.

When volunteering you are among people, you are socially included, you hear different stories. I always say, I get more than I give and I am very happy among these people.

Message for you 

Just start! Do join the group of the Senior Award Program. It is joyful, it brings happiness and fulfillment in your life.