Hristina Marinova – Bulgaria 🇧🇬


I am Hristina Marinova from the city of Ruse – Bulgaria. I am 73 years old and I am chairwoman of the Regional Council of the Union of Pensioners – Ruse Region. I have been volunteering since my school days helping poor children in need. Аll leaders of the Union are volunteers working for free. Occasionally we also contribute financially.

The Senior Award Program encouraged me to look for new areas of volunteering participation. I took part in an international training on using Zoom in online meetings. Now, I organize the training of some older people from the pensioners clubs I am leading. The training is devoted to using smartphones, phones and computers as well as Internet translating and using Zoom in conference sessions. I participated in Come together! Connecting people in times of Corona by culture, an international video conference. There was another Come together session presenting folk and pop songs as well as culinary videos on the preparation of food for Bulgarian festivities. Come together sessions help older people stay connected during the Covid crisis. I also bought tapestry materials and taught women who stayed at home for a long time during the pandemic to make beautiful handicrafts.

Giving is a gift of God to every person! I am grateful to the Senior Award Program, allowing us to show that we are many volunteers across Europe and we are friends who are always ready to help wherever help is needed!