Gunita Poldme – Latvia 🇱🇻

Live life, learn life!

I have 2 names – Izolde and Gunita. I am 76 years old, an active senior citizen. I am involved in arts and culture, as well as education.

I was encouraged to join the project by a friend from Latvia-Sweden association, my mentor Maira Magreca. Total number of hours in the pilot project – 10. I was the team leader for the Nordplus project working group that went to Helsinki, Finland’, on 3-6 December this year. We had to prepare a presentation, prepare for a debate and a panel discussion, as well as participate and organise group work. We selected the methods that will be included in the Education Handbook. This task is still a work in progress. It is important for everyone to be aware and mindful of their daily habits to make the world a greener, better and more sustainable place!

I gained skills in preparing presentations and organising teamwork, as well as in debating. Benefits for self-development – broadening knowledge, practice for a foreign language, team management skills, new friends, contribution to society. But I also learnt some negative qualities about myself , such as lack of commitment, laziness, carelessness. But by working, by taking responsibility, I am trying to get rid of these negative aspects. Being responsible to others contributes to the development of responsibility. I will be proud if I reach the bronze level!

My wish to the participants of the Senior Award Programme – Live life, learn life! And also – Motivate yourself to help others!