Genovaite Marcinkeviciene – Lithuania 🇱🇹

My name is Genovaitė Marcinkevičienė. I was born in 1949 in Lithuania. I am a member of Kaunas Region U3A. In September 2021, I decided to participate in the Senior Award Program. My area of volunteering is teaching painting to adult people. I have been keen on painting since my early childhood. Besides, I used to work as a teacher of Arts and Home Economics. When I retired, I could not live without art: I painted myself and organized art exhibitions. After joining the Senior Award Program, I made a program and began to teach elementary painting.

I concentrate on the basics: how to hold the pencil, how to match colors, how to draw shapes, and how to „play with“ perspective. My students are hard-working. We have already held one exhibition at the local library, and now we are getting ready to open another one. The more my students paint, the better they become, and the more they like it.

Volunteering for me is a rewarding experience. I love to observe my students paint. They get excited and enjoy what they are doing. Their emotions pass on to me, and I am delighted. It’s worthwhile, indeed.

I encourage other people to engage in volunteering. Each of us has unique talents, and we can use them to help other people.