Dana Stanaitienė – Lithuania 🇱🇹

Hello, I am Dana Stanaitienė, I am seventy-five years old, I live in Kaunas region, Lapės, which is the most beautiful country – Lithuania.

Snieguolė, Vice-Rector of Kaunas District TAU ​​Lapiai Faculty, encouraged me to participate in the Senior Awards Program.

Recently I had to take part in various activities: I knit socks for the campaign “Warm Christmas”, we visited the nursing home in Lapės. I organized excursions around Lithuania. We visited many mansions and mounds. In the winter, I took part in a step challenge. I didn’t win a good spot. Every year I take part in hiking trips organized by U3A. We played sports in the activities organized by the social services center, when we were quarantined, we played sports remotely.

I have been attending Kaunas District Third Age University for 10 years. The most important thing for us is not so much to learn, but to meet, communicate, talk, enjoy each other.

While participating in this program, I paid a lot of attention to the students in my faculty. As an elder of the faculty, I organize excursions, trips, various celebrations, help each other.

I like team sports, especially sports fiestas.

By participating in this program, I learned a lot about myself at the end of the century: that I can still give people good things, advice, help, and motivation.

I recommend participating in this program because you can see yourself from the sidelines, meet other people, feel that you can still help others, activate, encourage people, and not get lost in time.