Birutė Palubinskienė – Lithuania 🇱🇹

“I dance the way I can”

My name is Birutė Palubinskienė, I am 74 years old. I live in Dovilai town, Klaipeda region, Lithuania. I am an active person despite my age. As a member of the Klaipeda region U3A board; I am responsible for organizing students’ cultural and artistic life. Furthermore, I am also an active member of the local community. On top of that, I direct the Association for the Elderly called The Silver Thread.

Volunteering has always been a common word in my life. I have never counted how many deeds I have done or how many people I have helped. I keep working because I feel the drive that rewards me with new energy and new ideas. It has always been this way: I have always worked the way I could, the way my heart told me. In other words, I have always danced the way I could.

The Senior Award Program was not necessary to promote my engagement in volunteerism. Instead, it enabled me to rethink and assess my skills and abilities and evaluate the amplitude of my emotions. What have I learned about myself during the Senior Award Program? For all I know is, I would not be able to lead another way of life. Once again, I learned the secret to happiness: it always feels better to give than to receive. I am glad to help people in need who lack communication and miss relationships. I feel responsible for their worries. If anyone asked me what I thought about the Senior Award Program, I could answer shortly: I enjoy being with people and among people.

Will I continue to be involved in this activity in the future, or will I seek awards? I do not know, what the Supreme holds for me, but as long as I can, I will go and work and do what people expect of me.

I do not aim to work for a medal, although it might be fun to show one to my grandchildren. Although they already know that their Grandma dances the way she can.