Armands Trambickis – Latvia 🇱🇻

My name is Armands Trambickis, I’m 66 years old, and I work at the Valmiera Culture Centre doing sound stuff and other little things like that. I took part in the Senior Citizen Award Volunteering Project. As my work is connected with sound equipment, with adjusting microphones, I was at school and kindergarten and sounded for events. The children were singing and I had to put microphones on each one and adjust the sound and they sang into the microphones. 

How did I feel doing this work? I think I’m used to it, because I’ve been doing this kind of work for a long time, not only with children, but also with adults. Although I would say it’s even more fun with children, all kinds of jokes happen. Children are so curious, they ask what and how.

Would I like to continue volunteering with children and take part in the Senior Awards programme? I think probably, because it’s quite interesting with the children. They are so mobile. One sings better, one less well. You can help him, but a child is a child – he’s always in need of correction. With the adults, you can’t fix anything. He sings, whether crooked or wrong, but he proudly says -I can sing. You can talk to a child. So I am happy to continue volunteering with children in this area.