Anita Murisa – Latvia 🇱🇻

Personal growth, new ideas and motivation

My name is Anita, I am a weaver from Valmiera. But I’m from Kurzeme, from Pāvilosta. I have made my own folk costume of the Saka region, which I am really proud of. I am a member of the Applied Arts Studio “Valmiera”.

This is the first time I have been involved in testing this kind of project, so there was a lot of confusion. I participated from Talantu pilsēta and Valmiera Culture Centre, together with Baiba Mince, also from my weaving studio, and project coordinator Rita Liepiņa. The project was about ancient textiles and patterns and how to incorporate them into modern products. My mentor was Baiba Mince and my support person was Rita Liepiņa from Talantu pilsēta (Talent City). I also wrote the Project Diary. We visited the Crafts  Museum in Jyvaskyla and explored Finnish national heritage. Next we sketched and worked on innovative ideas and modern works, and bought materials for the first creations in the big IDEA Park shop. My creation will be a set of 3 aprons in greenish tones, with a pocket as a pouch, which will be the unifying element. The work has just started and will have to be continued at home.

During the test phase I worked for a total of 12 hours: 4 on sketching, 5 on material selection and finishing and 3 on design. The main benefits are personal growth, new ideas and motivation.