Agrita Balcere – Latvia 🇱🇻

I decided to learn how to organize … a project

My name is Agrita Balcere.  70 years old.  I have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. I live in Riga , in Zolitude.  Now I am retired. But I still continue my hobby – weaving.

I was introduced to NGO by my friend, Maira. She told me about Volunteer programme for seniors. Then I went to Romania, to training about Communication and Social inclusion. I decided to take part in testing the new programme by NGO about Senior Award Programme.

I decided to learn how to organize and event and run a project. My mentor was Rita Liepiņa, because she knows a lot about projects and how to prepare  for various events and activities. We decided to make a presentation about the project to youth workers from 12 countries, 35 participants. Also I volunteered to prepare a programme and presentation about Latvia to youth workers from 12 different countries. I wrote my Learning diary. We also had some non-formal English learning classes. My knowledge of English is very poor, but now I felt how important it is also for a senior to learn a foreign language and different non-formal methods. Some of the methods I did not like… Perhaps for young people it is easier to accept something new and non-traditional. Not  at my age. I did not like when we had to spoil a piece of art, and then try to fix it. Also I did not like the method where the young people suggested a girl to do an abortion as the best solution for her problem. Perhaps it is because I have a longer life experience and know about consequences of such actions.  Other non – formal methods were useful and interesting. I can use them in my voluntary work.