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Birutė Jokubauskienė – Lithuania 🇱🇹

The „blossoms“ of my volunteering

Helma Heijkant – Netherlands 🇳🇱

Together you get more done than alone

Anke Kremer – Netherlands 🇳🇱

A win-win situation in many aspects: you help someone else, but also yourself

Maira Magreca – Latvia 🇱🇻

Will I continue? Yes, definitely.

Ludmila Darzina – Latvia 🇱🇻

Social work is closest to my heart

Anita Murisa – Latvia 🇱🇻

Personal growth, new ideas and motivation

Agrita Balcere – Latvia 🇱🇻

I decided to learn how to organize … a project

Birutė Palubinskienė – Lithuania 🇱🇹

“I dance the way I can”. My thoughts on volunteerism

Janina Skulskienė – Lithuania 🇱🇹

The “Tango” of my Volunteering

Valerija Mukauskienė – Lithuania 🇱🇹

My volunteer’s story “Marvelous time”