Newsletter #3

Starting on the 24th of August Europeans from five countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and The Netherlands) participated in a Short-Term Training event in the Hague.

The award ceremony in Bulgaria

A GRAND AWARDING OF PARTICIPANTS IN A PROJECT TO ENCOURAGE VOLUNTEER WITHIN THE INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM ERASM + OF THE EUROPEAN UNION On July 11, 2022, the Rector of the Ruse University “Angel Kanchev” Academician. Hristo Beloev presented two silver medals to Penka Petkova and Pavlina… Read More »The award ceremony in Bulgaria

Newsletter #1

This is the first Newsletter jointly written by the partners in the GGA project dealing with older people’s volunteering and public recognition of their efforts. There will be several issues primarily devoted to the news about the developments within the project, also, to other selected… Read More »Newsletter #1